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losing weight..

during this 3 days, i'm getting annoyed.

i'll go to the"Yuya Matsushita's handshake session" in Feb 20th.

i'm really looking forward to see him!

but, i think i put on weight at New Year's..

so i decided to lose weight until that day.

BUT! my weight doesn't move!><

during these days, i avoided sweets, eating was a little , and did a lot of exercise..


but i never give up! hehe GANBARUZOO!!!

I'm really adoring him!

hi! i'm animi! i'm a 18 years old ^-^

i'm a huge fan of Matsushita Yuya.>3<

i'm going to talk about him.
my english is not so good but i try my best!

he is a R&B singer and an actor. 
he was born in May 24th 1990. so he is 19 years old now.

firstly, i talk about his part of a singer.
he have almost always accessed to american soul music since he was a child.
he want to sing, but his mother disagreed. so he went to NY alone when he was 15 years old.
then, he convicted that his job is a singer. he came back to japan, and he persuade his mother to do musical activities.
in 2005, he was discovered Jin Nakamura who is managing EXILE or Kou Shimazaki or Dong Bang Shin Ki.he started to record his debut single.
he contracted with EPIC record Japan Inc in 2008. 
he debuted the same year. his first single names "foolish foolish". it was released in November 26, 2008.
his second single names "LAST SNOW". it was released in January 28th, 2009.
his third single names "Honesty/Negai-ga-Kanau-nara(if my wish come true.)". it was released in August 26th, 2009.
his fourth single names "Trust Me". it gonna be released in February 17th, 2010!

nextly, i talk about his part of an actor.
he acted in a movie for the first time in 2009.
the movie names "Kanashii-Boyfriend(A Sad Boyfriend)".
Actually, he acted the main character, but he acted only its adorescenes.
but his realistic act made me impressed.
in 2009, he also acted at a famous musical.
it names "Kuroshitsuji(The Black Butler)".
this story was came from a series of comic book. the comic has lots of fans.
he acted the main character. his character was so cool but, very difficult to act.
because his character, "Sebastian Michaelis" was a perfect butler.
so, he has to sing,do acrobatic dance, and always keep good behavior.
but he accomplished the job. he became totally "Sebastian".
i think he endervored a lot..
this May, he appears on the second Kuroshitsuji musical. of course, he acts sebastian!
so i really respect him!
i wanna go his live performance and musical.
actually, i gonna go his musical in May. i really look forward it!

so, if you like Matsushita Yuya, please be my friends!!hehe
i wanna talk about him as much as i can!


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